Culture Hacker

Company culture is defined as the collective mindset and attitude of all your employees. It is this mindset that determines not only how your customers are treated, but also how much effort those employees put in each day, how they will evolve, and whether they will stay with you long term.

With culture being so critical to the performance and profitability of the organization, the responsibility for culture can no longer be just an HR thing. To improve the customers’ experience, culture must be the responsibility of everyone in the organization and Shane Green has developed an approach and programming that is proven to work.

“Shane Green understands at a deep level what moves employees and cultures to greatness. His Culture Hacker methodology will help leaders navigate the complexities of performance, engagement and brand in a values-based framework.”      – Linda Fisher Thornton, CEO of Leading in Context

The Culture Hacker program targets three distinct levels of the organization, all crucial to the evolution of the culture and employee service mindsets and skills. It begins at the executive level with assessments, workshops, and coaching. It targets the manager level with training, socialization tools, and coaching. It is completed at the employee level with a series of engaging learning experiences.

The program can be customized for 12, 18, or 24 month transformations. Each level of the program is detailed in the following pages.

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