Employee Mindset & Habits Transformation

Change is a natural and forever occurring phenomena, and it only seems to be happening faster. While most people dislike change, it is more the fear of the unknown that scares people than the actual change itself. It is important to be transparent and comprehensive in the communication process. Transparent communication is essential for employees to avoid the fear of the unknown and disallow empowering those that enjoy the chance to disrupt and distract their fellow employees through rumors and suggestions.

Simultaneous to leading change, there must be a process by which new attitudes and habits are developed amongst the employee group so they can successfully deliver on the brand promise and customer expectations.

By coaching the executive and management teams, Shane and his team will help alleviate the normal stress and misunderstandings many employees feel when undergoing a transformation. They will develop a series of fun, interactive learning experiences that will be the stimulus for improved customer service and allow the management teams to focus on their coaching roles. Beyond the normal customer service training programs, SGEi offers important learning experiences for the modern employee. Time and stress management, understanding the global customer, sales effectiveness, and the importance of developing good sleep habits, are training components that transcends the workplace and impact personal well-being.

SGEi did an amazing job of not only capturing the personality and uniqueness of our brand, but truly bringing it to life with our staff. The SGEi team designed a series of learning experience to socialize, energize and elevate the service and sales skills of our teams. The SGEi trainers are dynamic, engaging, organized and dedicated. I would not hesitate in recommending them to any organization serious about developing and growing their team.

Corey Jenkins | Managing Partner, Hexx

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