Executive Coaching

Successful culture transformation must begin with, and is championed from the top. Change cannot be something that just everyone else is required to do. The executive team must be aligned on a strategy and successfully elevate the thinking and habits of their senior leaders to own and lead the transformation process.

Shane Green and his team work directly with your executives to identify the priorities within the employee experience that need to be rebuilt or refreshed. This occurs through the Culture Hacker assessment, which will also identify the required habits and support required for the front-line managers and employees to meet your customer expectations. A workshop establishes the priorities of the company and a transformation plan is developed. Shane Green will work with, meet with, and coach the executive team over a twelve-month period on how to implement this strategy with their management teams. A series of communication pieces will be designed to explain the “why” and “what” of the transformation process to managers.

Shane offers a clear and concise roadmap for business leaders to design and deliver an employee experience that educates and engages people to strive to deliver exceptional performance.

John Gengarella | CEO, Netpulse

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