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Often, cultural transformations focus too heavily on the employees and as a result overlooks the most important group in this process; the managers. More time, training, and socialization must be spent on ensuring the management team is comfortable and confident in its ability to lead the change process.

Shane Green and the SGEi team will provide a series of training sessions that will help develop comfort within the management team during the transformation process while also developing habits that will allow them to confidently lead their employees.

A comprehensive internal marketing program is designed for the managers to help them facilitate the right conversations and stimulate thinking within their employee team. The transformation process for managers includes their delivery of a series of customized socialization tools such as videos, articles, posters, meeting starters, exercises, or games that they will deliver to the teams. The goal is to ensure the managers are seen as the agents and leaders of the cultural change.

Additionally, SGEi provides coaches to help the managers successfully navigate the change process. These coaches are on-site delivering training sessions, offering one-on-one or small group coaching, and auditing the responsibilities of the managers in utilizing the communication materials and ensuring they are communicating correctly.

SGEi was masterful at guiding us through what our unique, company-specific customer experience should be. By truly immersing themselves in our company’s culture and values, they were able to design a customer experience that is a natural extension of our corporate culture. Their leadership training then ensured that culture was implemented into our frontline teams correctly.  I think this is the key to the longevity of their impact.

Erin Armendinger | VP of Customer Experience, GGP

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