Supervisor Fundamentals

Proper frontline supervisor training is critical to achieve your customer service goals. Supervisors, whether new to their responsibilities or ineffective in their roles, need to be prepared for challenges of the new generation of workers. The Supervisor series of modules provides guidance for achieving effective communication, understanding and leading a multi-generational workforce, managing conflict, providing effective feedback, and empowering staff to perform their best. SGEi provides training, tools, and certification to help your frontline supervisors guide your people comfortably and confidently.

Last year, I engaged the services of SGEi to conduct leadership training with supervisors and managers at my resort. Their contribution has been invaluable and we have seen tremendous change and growth in our managers over the past year. Supervisors especially have been inspired to take on new projects, develop closer working relationships with each other and increase productivity among their teams.

Thierry Grandshire | Managing Director, Grace Bay Club

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