Raised as the daughter of a career military officer, Julie has had the pleasure, and invaluable experience, of living in seven countries and working and traveling in over forty.


The exposure to such a variety of cultures and geography was a powerful force in shaping her life objectives and professional acumen. She attended Miami University where she earned her B.A. in History with emphases on European and Asian cultural history and art history.

As a Training and Education Specialist for the U.S. Navy, she spent several years developing and facilitating training for the Atlantic Fleet working with NATO’s Atlantic headquarters and the Joint Forces Staff College Norfolk, Virginia. After being honored with several awards, including a citation from the President of the United States, she moved to California to pursue her Master of Arts Liberal Arts degree at San Diego State University. There she designed her own interdisciplinary degree in Intercultural Communications.

Following graduate school, Julie served as a distance learning program manager for the U.S. Navy in Sasebo, Japan and an Operations Specialist for the U.S. Army in Germany where she managed operational security and developed and delivered management analysis training in TQM and TQL.

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