Orientation & Onboarding Programming

Organizations invest heavily into the selection of great talent, but then waste that investment by not introducing the organization’s brand and culture correctly. The first day on the job for a new hire should establish priorities of the organization instead of administering rules or paperwork and they certainly should not be placed directly into the operation. SGEi develops orientation days that are memorable experiences to help new staff make an emotional connection with the brand.

Once employees enter their departments, new hires often do not receive the training, insight or support needed to be successful in their positions. Our team defines the training curriculum, by position, to guarantee that every team member has an opportunity to succeed. We develop onboarding schedules, testing, and feedback surveys to ensure your newly energized staff can deliver great customer experiences.

SGEi did an amazing job of not only capturing the personality and uniqueness of our brand, but truly bringing it to life with our staff. The SGEi team designed a series of learning experience to socialize, energize and elevate the service and sales skills of our teams. The SGEi trainers are dynamic, engaging, organized and dedicated. I would not hesitate in recommending them to any organization serious about developing and growing their team.

Corey Jenkins | Managing Partner, Hexx

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