Azalee Maslow

Digital Marketing Specialist


As the digital marketing specialist, Azalee oversees all aspects of digital marketing for SGEi.

She actively builds and implements SGEi’s digital marketing strategies to grow its online presence and generate a strong bottom-line. She also creates content around wellness and builds online strategies for SGEi’s clients, executives, and trainers’ personal brands.

Prior to joining SGEi, Azalee worked in digital media for the past ten years as a journalist, blogger, and digital marketing specialist. Azalee owns a social media agency, The Babble Boutique, and a philanthropic lifestyle blog, PrettyAF. She teaches others how to use digital media to build a brand through public speaking and her online course, The Digital Academy of Social Media.

Azalee earned a bachelor’s of arts in journalism and media studies with a minor in communication before earning her master’s of arts in journalism and media studies from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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