Small Business Resources, Tools, & Training

Struggling to run your small business? Want to improve your employee experience & company culture?

The world’s leading culture expert, Shane Green, and his team can provide the insights, tools, and training to help your small business culture attract, engage, and retain your best people to allow your business to thrive and grow. Improve the culture of your small business with the resources below!

Small Business Assessment

The Culture Hacker Small Business Assessment is designed to provide organizations with insight on how your employees think and feel so you can develop a culture strategy to grow profits, improve customer experiences, and retain your best people.

Small Business Toolbox

The Culture Hacker Small Business Toolbox is designed to provide organizations with the tools, training, and guides necessary to develop a positive, performance-driven, and profitable culture that will attract, engage, and retain the right people.

Leadership Performance Program

This 12-month training, networking, coaching, and inspiration program is designed to provide your managers with the skills and habits to attract, retain, and engage the right people for your business and ensure a positive company culture.

Speak to a Culture Hacker Master

Schedule one-on-one coaching from a Culture Hacker master coach to improve your leadership skills, develop your culture strategy, implement changes successfully, and sustain long-term benefits.

“Small business owners often overlook culture because they think it is something they can’t afford, only for big companies, or optional. For small businesses, culture matters more because there is no margin for error. Hiring or keeping the wrong person or losing your best talent is the difference between success and failure.”

Shane Green

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“SGEi offers a clear and concise roadmap for business leaders to design and deliver an employee experience that educates and engages people to strive to deliver exceptional service and performance.”

John Gengarella, CEO, Netpulse