Trainer Selection

Our selection process consists of an interview with our recruitment team and a review of a potential trainer’s previous experience and projects. Candidates are asked to submit an overview of their work that emphasizes their abilities to deliver classroom training, to coach in a live operation, and to work on business improvement strategies.

References are requested to with all submittals.

Candidates interview with our EVP of Operations and VP of Culture & Learning in order to understand personal strengths and goals for the future.

Trainer Certification

All prospective trainers are required to attend a trainer certification workshop that determines their fit with our culture and expectations. During the workshop, attendees will participate in a number of group discussions, activities, and presentations, as well as deliver an individual presentation provided by our academy team. Our executives and master trainers are engaged to facilitate and assess potential candidates.

The two-day trainer certification workshop is hosted in Las Vegas, NV. Agendas, logistics, and expectations are provided prior to the workshop. Information will be shared during the workshop regarding our expectations, clients, on-going development, and training evaluations.

Trainer Development & Evaluation

We host annual development events for our trainers to provide opportunities for them to learn from the best, gain access to recent research, and to share personal successes and failures with peers.

The purpose of the evaluation is to reinforce the culture and expectations of our brand and our partners. Throughout the year, audits are conducted where an executive or master trainer will shadow and observe a trainer in the field with clients. Trainers are provided feedback and scored on a number of deliverables and SGEi requirements. In addition, a survey is sent to clients to assess their particular trainer’s ability to deliver training and coaching effectively. Scores are tabulated every six months, and trainers receive feedback as well as an overall score regarding their performance.


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