Brand Standards & Operating Procedures

To assure your customer experience is delivered seamlessly and consistently in your unique brand voice, standards and processes are required. At SGEi, we specialize in developing and implementing brand standards and operating procedures that ensure the style and voice of your brand is exemplified within the efficient delivery of your product or service. We also specialize in developing service habits that define how your employees act and interact with each customer. We deploy a team of consultants to assist in teaching and implementing the new standards, processes, and service habits for your frontline staff and managers at multiple locations simultaneously- anywhere in the world.

Shane and his team have “cracked the code” when it comes to engaging all employees to deliver a brand promise. Their approach to brand-specific training, operating manuals, standards and new hire orientation goes beyond technical training. Their designs help employees and supervisors emotionally connect to the brand, which allows them to deliver the desired guest experience every time. I would recommend SGEi without hesitation.

Jim Pilarski | Global Vice President of Human Resources, Hakkasan Group

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