Leadership Resources, Tools, & Training

Want to enhance your leadership skills? Looking to create a culture that employees find engaging, inclusive, and inspiring?

Enroll in programs and learning experiences to develop the necessary leadership skills and habits to manage a world-class business, brand, and culture. Our series of tools for your leadership team is available to stimulate their thoughts, teach them habits to more than just a manager, and provide coaching to take them to the next level.

“We had the pleasure of having SGEi facilitate leadership workshops for Ian Schrager’s PUBLIC Hotels. Their team was dynamic, inspirational, motivating, interactive, and their message to the leadership team set us up for tremendous success.”

Tim Kirkpatrick, director of people and culture, PUBLIC Hotels

Leadership Development

SGEi will design and deliver customized learning experiences on critical leadership skills and habits to elevate your managers’ performance and leadership abilities. We teach them habits to be more than just a manager.

Leadership Performance Program

This 12-month training, networking, coaching, and inspiration program is designed to provide your managers with the skills and habits to attract, retain, and engage the right people for your business and ensure a positive company culture.

Emerging Leaders Program

With our series of video sessions, you can provide high-performing employees or new supervisors with fundamental skills and habits to assist with their transition to leading people.

Senior Leadership Coaching

Leadership development is not easy and is specific to the needs of each manager or person. While we can provide training on a wide selection of topics and ideas, a more customized approach is sometimes required.

Our leadership coaches have worked with executives, entrepreneurs, and managers for years to develop their leadership and management skills. We define their individual purpose, vision, and values to provide a clear picture of the type of manager and businessperson they aspire to be. Additionally, we work to uncover and define a manager’s leadership brand so they can easily explain, focus on, and develop their strengths and talents.

Initially, a person will engage in five sessions every two to three weeks. Before any session begins, your coach will survey six people close to you personally and professionally to learn about your strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style. You will complete a self-assessment to provide a comparison of responses. Utilizing the feedback received, your coach will work with you to clarify your leadership brand and any gaps in how you currently lead and manage and create a plan for you to follow and grow with.

After those five sessions, coaching is available in single sessions as needed.

Executive Retreats

Align your executive with our two-day executive retreat that will define strategy, build teamwork, and elevate individual leadership skills.

An Ode to the Leader in All of Us by Shane Green

This leadership poem is an excellent reminder of what leaders should do to attract, engage, and retain their best people.

“Shane Green brings his insights to life in ways that make them accessible and useable. I also appreciate his use of poetry to get the message across in new and different ways. Light, lively, and enlightening.”

John Baldoni, internationally acclaimed leadership educator and author

Let’s Connect

Take the first step in creating a more customer-focused culture and experience.

“Ideally, we would stop promoting people into management positions purely on their ability to get things done with no regard for how they do with people. Alternatively, companies need to invest more in high-performing staff or new managers and give them a better foundation of those leadership skills that will help them be successful with their people responsibilities.”

–Shane Green