We believe your employees define the customer experience and your company’s ability to deliver on your brand promise and purpose. SGEi offers a variety of learning experiences. From employee-focused training to leadership workshops and culture consulting services. Our team can deliver experiences virtually, and in the operation, that will inspire your employees and managers to want to deliver a better customer experience, perform at a higher level, and help improve bottom-line results.


We define leadership as a person’s ability to inspire the hearts and minds of their people to be their best and to want to do what they want them to do or deliver. Companies are often full of managers with a variety of titles, but missing leaders who are able to work through people and create a culture that employees find engaging, inclusive, and inspiring. We have customized leadership workshops for over 20-years that help companies activate their managers to find their inner leader, elevate the performance of their employees, and navigate the never-ending change process.

“We engaged the services of SGEi to conduct leadership sessions with managers at our resorts. Their contribution has been invaluable, and we have seen tremendous change and growth in our managers over the past year. Managers have been inspired to take on new projects, develop closer working relationships with each other, and increase productivity among their teams.”
Thierry Grandshire, Grace Bay Club

Culture Consulting

We define culture as the collective hearts and minds of a group of people. The question is not do you have a culture, but rather are the hearts and minds of your employees in such a state as to help you deliver on your brand promise to your owners, customers, and the community. For the past 20-years we have been helping companies assess the state of their culture, develop cultural road maps to improve the employee experience, refresh key cultural mechanisms, and guide leaders through the transformation process.

“SGEi did an amazing job not only capturing the personality and uniqueness of our brand, but truly bringing it to life with our staff. The SGEi team was able to formalize our culture, and then design a series of corresponding learning experience to socialize and energize our staff and elevate their service skills. The SGEi trainers are dynamic, engaging, organized, and dedicated. I would not hesitate in recommending them to any organization serious about its brand identity, and positively developing and growing its culture.”
Corey Jenkins, Managing Partner, Hexx


Training Solutions

We believe your employees define the customer experience through their attitude, actions, and abilities. SGEi offers a variety of service, sales, and customized learning experiences, either in the classroom, online, or through videos that will inspire your employees to not only want to deliver a better customer interaction but also satisfy the development needs.

“SGEi was masterful at guiding us through not only customer experience training, but more importantly, starting from the beginning and defining what our unique, company-specific customer experience should be.  By truly immersing themselves in our company’s culture and values, they were able to design a customer experience that is a natural extension of our corporate culture.  I think this is the key to the longevity of their impact.”
Erin Armendinger, VP of Customer Experience, GGP

Let’s Work Together


Are you looking for custom training solutions for your company? Let us design a customer experience that is a natural extension of your corporate culture!