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WHAT WE DOCompany Culture

We define culture as the collective hearts and minds of a group of people. It’s not a question if you have a culture; a more legitimate question is if the hearts and minds of your employees are in such a state to help you deliver on your brand promise to your owners, customers, and the community. For the past 20 years, we have been helping companies assess the state of their culture, develop cultural roadmaps to improve the employee experience, refresh key cultural mechanisms, and guide leaders through the transformation process.

Steps We Take to Change Company Culture


Our methodology targets three distinct levels of an organization—all of which are crucial to the evolution of the culture and employee experience. We begin at the executive level with a culture assessment, workshop, and coaching. Next, we target the manager level with a series of change leadership workshops, socialization tools, and coaching. The last step is completed at the employee level, where we guide organizations on how to refresh critical cultural mechanisms and activities.


At SGEi, we utilize our Culture Hacker Assessment to help understand the cultural priorities and needs of the organization.


We are able to design some of the critical cultural mechanisms that helps organizations deliver a great employee experience.

Change Leadership

We develop a transformation strategy that is considerate of the hearts and minds of the employees. We call it ‘Culture Hacking’.

Executive Retreats & Coaching

We work directly with your executive team to identify, prioritize, and implement critical aspects of the employee experience and company culture.

Shane Green Keynotes

Author and television host, Shane Green, has been defined as a motivational and evocative speaker who clearly and concisely translates complex messages for diverse audiences.

What Sets SGEi Apart?

“Shane Green understands at a deep level what moves employees and cultures to greatness. His Culture Hacker methodology will help leaders navigate the complexities of performance, engagement and brand in a values-based framework.”

– Linda Fisher Thornton, CEO of Leading in Context


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