Company Culture

Do you need to know how to retain your best employees? Looking to keep good employees on staff?

We have what you need to transform your company culture and improve your employee’s experience so you can attract, engage, and retain your best people to elevate your customer experience.

“SGEi did an amazing job not only capturing the personality and uniqueness of our brand but truly bringing it to life with our staff. The SGEi team was able to formalize our culture and then design a series of corresponding learning experiences and tools to socialize and energize our staff and elevate their service skills. The SGEi trainers are dynamic, engaging, organized, and dedicated. I would not hesitate in recommending them to any organization serious about its brand identity and positively developing and growing its culture.”

Corey Jenkins, managing partner, Hexx

Culture Assessment & Strategy

Create the type of culture that attracts, engages, and retains the best people within your business to deliver excellent customer service and experiences.

Culture Consulting

Engage Shane Green and his team to transform your company culture to elevate performance, improve customer experiences, and retain your best people.

Culture Hacker

Culture Hacker helps you learn how to reprogram your employee experience for better customer experiences and company performance.

Executive Retreats

Align your executive with our two-day executive retreat that will define strategy, build teamwork, and elevate individual leadership skills.


Shane Green is a dynamic speaker that will energize and inspire your managers to be better leaders and more considerate of their leadership responsibilities.

“[Shane’s] willingness and ability to tailor seminars to your needs, his inspiring presence, and his willingness to challenge an audience will further the success of your event or organization.”

John Kafka, CEO, DocuSpring Inc.

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Take the first step in creating a more customer-focused culture and experience.

“Your brand is a direct reflection of your culture. Your customer experience tells me everything I need to know about how your people feel about what they do and for whom. If you want more revenue through better a customer experience, invest in your culture.”

–Shane Green