How to Create a Diversity Training Program

Originally published in Business Daily News.

You might think that biases are a thing of the past, but while we’ve made improvements in the last century, there’s still a long way to go.

In the workplace, people face prejudice for various reasons, from skin color to sexual orientation. Some employees or leaders may not even realize thier bias is caused by predisposed beliefs or notions lurking in their subconscious. Thankfully, these patterns and behavior can be corrected with the proper training.

Katerina Bezrukova, co-author of a study on diversity training published in the Psychological Bulletin and an associate professor in the University of Buffalo’s School of Management, said that in the end, diversity training has the potential to make a positive impact in addressing biases and prejudice within organizations. The key, however, is ensuring that the training is done the right way.

“At best, it can engage and retain women and people of color in the workplace, but at worst, it can backfire and reinforce stereotypes,” Bezrukova said in a statement.

Diversity training is a great idea for any business, but it needs to be carried out responsibly. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your diversity training.

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