How to Reduce Busy Work for Your Team

Originally published in Business Daily News.

No one enjoys doing busy work, and it makes employees feel unimportant. Businesses should make the most of their resources and ensure workers are doing tasks that help the company’s end goals.

“Busy work is defined as tasks that team members do that do not bring immediate value to the company,” said Bill Chase, senior vice president of marketing at “There are, however, certain tasks that may seem like busy work, such as data entry, that actually provide great value to the business.”

Here are four ways you can identify busy work and reduce it from your day to day.

1. Leave the busy mentality behind.
People love talking about their busy schedules, but that’s not always something to boast about.

“I believe busy work is the product of a dated culture that based performance on how much time you spent at work rather than the quality of that work,” said Shane Green president of SGEi. “Whenever I talk to managers who are working more than 12 hours a day, I always ask why. When you dig into their schedule and work, you will often find busy work at play.”

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