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Leadership Coaching Program

Leadership is the most important element in Organizational Performance today. Whether through achieving goals, improving results, leading change, or building a great culture, leadership is the most desirable and defining organizational performance element in business today.

At SGEi, we have created a 12-month leaders coaching program that consists of a series of learning experiences for frontline and middle managers to activate and elevate their leadership abilities. We developed our program with consideration of the skills, attitude, and behaviors most relevant to leadership success for the modern manager and how to lead Millennial and Gen X workers. Each quarter, an SGEi certified coach will deliver a two-day workshop, conduct two, one-hour coaching calls, and provide weekly socialization tools to provide the participants with inspiration around the topics being discussed in the workshops.

The program has been designed and delivered across multiple industries and utilized by hospitality, automotive, retail, real estate, technology, sports entertainment, airline, cruise ships, healthcare, and financial industries.

We use our proven training methodology of stimulation, training, coaching, socialization, and sustainability to inspire your managers through this year-long coaching program to want to be better leaders and create a team culture that is conducive to improved employee performance, productivity, and engagement.

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Personal Leadership:

By the end of this two-day workshop, leaders will be able to recognize their emotions, strengths, capabilities, and tendencies and understand how to deploy them to influence, inspire, and effectively motivate others—their team, peers, leaders, guests, customers, and clients. The topics covered are:

  • Understanding emotional intelligence
  • Utilizing the emotional intelligence framework:
    • Self-awareness: Knowing strengths and limitations
    • Self-management: Controlling emotions and responses during challenging situations
    • Motivation: Visualizing their ideal self and learning how to create environments primed to motivate their teams and themselves
    • Social awareness: Fostering the ability to read the emotional cues of others and respond empathetically
    • Relationship management: Comfortably developing strong personalized professional relationships with their team

People Leadership:

By the end of this two-day workshop, leaders will understand how to build an effective team culture that drives performance and retains the best performers. The topics covered are:

  • Values: Leveraging company values to inspire the desired behaviors and make the right decisions
  • Recruitment: Selecting candidates who are both a job fit and cultural match
  • Orientation and onboarding: Understanding a new hire’s needs in their first 60 days to make them successful
  • Servant leadership: Considering what it means to be a servant leader and how to enable and empower a team
  • Coaching: Informal feedback: Understanding the importance of coaching and utilizing a model to deliver in-the-moment feedback
  • Coaching: Formal feedback: Reviewing how to provide meaningful recognition, have tough conversations, and why making tough decisions to let someone go is sometimes necessary
  • Effective communication: Learning the importance of effective communication and how to communicate in various ways to ensure understanding
  • Managing conflict: Understanding multiple sources of conflict, people’s different communication styles, and the techniques that will allow a manager to use conflict for a positive outcome

Change Leadership:

By the end of this two-day workshop, leaders will understand how to identify opportunities for change and inspire and influence widespread, sustainable changes in behavior to move the organization forward. Leaders will learn how to think outside of the box and build a culture of creativity within a team. The topics covered are:

  • Leading change: Understanding why change is difficult, and the role leaders play to inspire and motivate change successfully
  • Turning imagination into reality: Learning how to think outside of the box and getting others to be creative and use their imagination
  • Establish what needs to change and why: Reviewing how to identify opportunities for change and creating a sense of urgency
  • Build your change team: Discovering the benefits of a team and how to strategically enroll key stakeholders to be a part of the change process
  • Define your destination: Build your vision: Learning how to engage a change team strategically to craft a vision that will lead the change process
  • Develop a roadmap: Build your action plan: Creating a change plan to guide actions and decisions
  • Executing your plan: Understanding how to execute a change action plan effectively, even when not everyone is on board
  • Building sustainability: Learning how to build a continuous change culture, whereby employees are always evolving and developing

Results-Based Leadership:

By the end of this two-day workshop, leaders will have learned how to define and deliver on their goals for the new year. They will know how to use the mission planning framework utilized by special military operations to achieve objectives successfully with flawless execution. This workshop also includes modules on time management and how to build a support network. The topics covered are:

  • Connecting purpose with goals: Understanding the overarching mission and purpose of their company and how to define the goals that are aligned with it
  • Evaluate threats and opportunities: Identifying the threats and opportunities that will impact a person’s ability to achieve their goals and be successful
  • Identify resources and people: Recognizing the resources needed to overcome threats and take advantage of the opportunities; identifying a support system to help achieve personal and professional goals
  • Consider lessons learned: Leaders will have the opportunity to share lessons learned from the past, including successes and opportunities that will help them and others achieve their goals
  • Develop an action plan: Leaders will create their action plan for the next year to review with their executive teams for that year’s objectives
  • Time management: Understanding how to leverage time, maximize body cycles, and how to have the energy to perform when required

What Sets SGEi Apart?

“I want to really thank you for the program delivered at Madison Square Garden. It has really helped me move forward in my business career, and as a leader. Thank you.”

– Leadership in the 20’s attendee


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