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Employees must be engaged to perform and deliver to the best of their abilities. Whether interacting with external customers or peers, there is a need for employees to deliver more. It is the presence of leadership and its ability to inspire people to care and deliver more that will ultimately define the customer experience delivered by employees. According to Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Robert McKee of the Harvard Business School, for every one percent of improvement in the service climate, revenue increases two percent. Leaders drive the service climate and thus the predisposition of associates to satisfy customers and ultimately improve your financial position.

Leadership goes beyond the day-to-day management responsibilities of staffing and organizing to enabling and empowering staff to create stories worth telling and a feeling that customers want to enjoy again. The SGEi learning experiences focus on the skills and insights that make frontline and middle managers comfortable and confident in their daily and weekly priorities that engage their teams, help them interact with a younger and more empowered workforce, and allow to get the most from their people.

All modules can be customized into a single workshop or a series of learning experiences delivered monthly.

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“SGEi offers a clear and concise roadmap for business leaders to design and deliver an employee experience that educates and engages people to strive to deliver exceptional performance.”

– John Gengarella, CEO Netpulse


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