Reprogram Meetings to Inform and Inspire Your Team

Originally published in Medium.

“If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be meetings.”

— Dave Barry, author
Today, I want to talk about meetings — an essential communication tool that is, unfortunately, rendered ineffective too often. While meetings are necessary, executives and employees often dread them because there are too many of them, and they are usually delivered and led poorly. The frequency and length of meetings have continued to increase so much so that executives spend an average of 23 hours per week in meetings. Executives are not the only ones to fall victim to excessive meetings; employees are fed up as well. In fact, employees’ disdain for meetings has even resulted in cheeky ribbons and coffee mugs stating, “I survived another meeting that should have been an email.” Needless to say, it is time to re-think how we structure and facilitate meetings so that they can be an effective use of our time.

Let’s start by looking at three types of meetings:

Daily Meetings

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