CASE STUDY: Sales and Service Training for Inspiration and Success

In today’s highly competitive world, companies must ensure they are as focused on service as they are on their products. Often sales people become too focused on what they are selling, forgetting that how they sell themselves and service their products is a central requirement for all consumers today. Customers have too many choices, and have become too discerning, to settle for less than the best possible experience. The adage that a great salesperson isn’t selling a product, they are selling themselves is truer than it has ever been. SGEi excels in assessing sales staff and developing effective sales training to improve the individual abilities of team members and overall company performance. In this case study, we will look at how we helped a luxury hospitality company improve both their team member and client satisfaction scores as well as an overall sales success.


In 2016, one of the largest hospitality brands based in Las Vegas recognized a need to improve the level of service and sales abilities of their front-line and call center team. SGEi was brought onboard to ascertain their core challenges and create a solution to rejuvenate their service culture and advance their sales performance. We specialize in pinpointing areas of improvement and providing Sales and Service Training uniquely engineered to exemplify a company’s unique culture and inspire sales team members to go above and beyond expectations.


SGEi created an assessment with host and call center staff to understand the current practices and identify where opportunities were being missed for upselling, what training was needed to elevate performance, and how the management team could improve the culture for over 150 staff. After examining the results of extensive interviews and team member assessments, a 4-week intensive and customized training program, consisting of four training modules, was designed to elevate the mindset and skills of all front-line and call center staff. At the same time, a leadership program was implemented to help guide managers on how they can communicate, coach, and inspire their people better. A detailed plan was developed to provide communications, training, and coaching to help implement new habits and skills at both the management and staff levels.

For our Manager Orientation, we also created a workbook and facilitator
guide to provide the element of interaction during the training.


At the management level, there was more alignment and focus on improving the culture and experience of the staff. This provided the executive team the opportunity to assess their management team on their leadership abilities and attitude.

Amongst the staff, there was increased satisfaction due to the investment made in them as well as the opportunity to learn new skills and fine-tune their sales delivery. This led to an improvement across the board in sales and incentives. This process also highlighted staff that were not suited to nor had the ability to excel in their roles and responsibilities so turnover did occur. However, the training and process identified and reinforced the qualities and habits successful salespeople required, which helped in the recruitment and selection process.

Ultimately it was the increase in sales performance after three months that defined this program’s success. As a result, a second wave of training and coaching was conducted.

As SGEi President Shane Green suggests, “It was the work with the managers and their efforts in coaching and reinforcing the desired habits that made this program a success. While we were able to be a catalyst for a renewed focus on individual performance, the managers ensured that outdated habits were removed and new behaviors were adopted.”
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