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When it comes to sales training, we offer a program called Relationships for Sales Success.

The Relationships for Sales Success is a program comprised of a series of modules that emphasize how to present and sell your products and services effectively. This series introduces and instills sales training that includes best practices for building relationships, closing the deal, touchpoint management, and follow-up techniques developed from behavioral and social psychology. If you would like to learn how to develop your sales team right from the start, take a look here. Otherwise, please click below to get started!

Our Sales Training Process


SGEi is committed to delivering customized content and learning experiences. To deliver the most effective and memorable sales training program, SGEi will review all of your current training materials, marketing efforts, and brand guidelines to gain an understanding of the current training and socialization process within your organization. Once training needs are established, SGEi will work with HR and Operations teams to deliver a memorable, motivating, and effective learning experience that will enable and empower your staff to exceed your customers’ expectations.

What Sets SGEi Apart?

SGEi is known for creating memorable, motivating, and effective learning experiences that capture the heart as much as the mind. All SGEi modules are accompanied by a corresponding coaching program that guides frontline managers on how to inspire the habits any training suggests. SGEi also develops training content into eLearning modules for continued online learning and communications that reinforce the key messaging behind the training.

• 2018 Stevie Gold Award for Customer Service Training Team of the Year
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