The Value of Training from a Manager’s Perspective

Training and communication are essential to an organization’s success. Within my background in retail, I often found individual stores that struggled to keep a strong team in place. Although there were highly motivated individuals within the organization, there were several team members who were not properly on-boarded and consequentially could not effectively perform in their role. Many were not introduced or oriented to the tools and resources necessary for them to succeed. Unfortunately, this occurs often; frontline teams are not provided the appropriate training and thus affect the overall company (regardless of industry). However, when teams are adequately trained and equipped with the necessary tools to perform, they can succeed in their role. At SGEi, we offer solutions to our partners that elevate the employee experience through our award-winning training and communication programs.

In today’s workforce, team members are prioritizing their personal development. Organizations that emphasize training and development are seeing increased retention, productivity, and engagement. The article, “Mind-Blowing Statistics that Prove the Value of Employee Training and Development” discusses the statistics correlated with the value of team member training and development. 40% of team members who do not receive the necessary job training to become competent in their role will leave their position within the first year. However, retaining talented team members who can grow within the company are vital to the health of any organization.

There are different approaches to training and development that an organization can facilitate for their teams. Although technology-based training is becoming more prevalent, human interaction is still needed. Interactive classroom training is a practical and efficient approach to train team members, as well as enhance and refine the skills that are necessary for your teams, and thus, your company, to succeed. Ultimately, group interaction can improve learning and gives you, the leader, an opportunity to see how your team members develop relationships with their co-workers.

For many companies today, online learning has become commonly used to train their teams effectively.

It is cost-effective and provides managers with the ability to monitor and review a team member’s progress. When limited resources are a factor, like payroll and scheduling, online training is easily-accessible and useful to advance a team’s learning. Online learning also supports the continuation of growth and development beyond the new hire process. With the implementation of online learning programs, an organization can both reinforce and enhance their core training programs. According to eLearning Industry, team members are more confident in the workplace when they have the online training they need to do their jobs efficiently. Moreover, having the ability to track progress gives managers the opportunity to provide feedback and direction for any additional coaching and training their team members may need.

Entrepreneur has shared that it is necessary for organizations to invest in team member training, as it ultimately benefits your business. A Softskill survey notes that 68% of team members felt that workplace training is always relevant, regardless of seniority or time in service. As Synchrony Financials CEO Margaret Keane summarized, “You cannot ignore the development of employees, because they are the foundation of how things operate every day, we have to make sure we are thinking through the skill sets of our employees to make sure they are going to be successful in their careers and that we have the right talent.” Training and development are necessary to refine and enhance your team’s talents. As managers continue to evolve in your organization, you must remember that no matter what level they are or how much time they have spent with a company, developing organizational leaders is critical to your business’ overall success.

As you reflect on your company’s training and development programs, remember that training is a valuable asset that you cannot afford to overlook. By equipping your teams with the necessary skills to succeed, they develop their careers, and you acquire more competent and qualified individuals who can develop and improve your entire organization. Training is a part of your employees’ experience that positively enhances the culture of your company, builds confidence in your teams, and most importantly, provides you with a strong and loyal workforce.

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