Three Leadership Lessons I Learned From My Mom – by Laura Book

For as long as I can remember, my mom has inspired me to be my absolute best. She did so by not only encouraging me to work hard towards what I wanted but also by displaying leadership in her actions. My mom is a successful restaurant owner, and her success is largely based on her ability to be a great leader. Here are some invaluable lessons I learned from her about leadership in business and beyond.

1) Show That You Care: Being a small business owner lends itself to working closely with your employees. Showing that you care is so important when it comes to ensuring your employees give their best effort each day and stay with you. My mom has a wonderful way of showing that she cares for each and every one of her employees. Whether that is through always thanking them and expressing her genuine appreciation for the work they do, or by working extra hours to cover for someone when they need time off, she is always available to listen to and support her employees. She is an empathetic, patient, and compassionate leader who focuses on the well-being of her employees and their families.

2) Put in the Work: By watching my mom work every day, I learned at a young age that nothing is handed to you. You must put in the work if you want to achieve the results you desire. My mom has worked tirelessly at continuing to improve and evolve her business, making every effort to create a business that customers love and a place where employees can thrive. Her continued efforts have meant many long days, sacrifices, and all that comes with running a business, but it has taught me that when you put in the work, you can build something meaningful that enhances lives.

3) Never Stop Learning: Whether it is learning about new wines or brainstorming with a chef on new menu ideas, my mom has taught me the importance of life-long learning. She embraces every opportunity to learn and teach what she has learned to her employees. She encourages her employees to be creative and values their input regarding the business. She has committed to teaching and developing her employees to be their best and mentors aspiring leaders about their future.

I am extremely fortunate to have such an incredible mom and leader. Her ability to balance the demands of being a business owner, mom, friend, and more is beyond impressive to me. I strive to apply her lessons every day by showing a genuine care for everyone in my life, by always putting in the work to make things better, and by continuing to learn and grow both personally and professionally.

Thank you to all moms for sharing their valuable lessons and insights on what it means to be a leader.

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