10 Ways to Enhance Your Leadership Skills for 2020

Originally published in Achievers.

Leaders at all levels often struggle to balance their many responsibilities. Constant demands on time, along with an expectation to be constantly connected can leave a leader feeling overwhelmed and burned out. This leads to issues with morale and performance. As 2019 comes to an end, this is the time to reflect on ways to improve for the year ahead. So, here are 10 ways for leaders to enhance their leadership skills and up their game in 2020.

1. Prioritize your physical health
It can be easy for leaders to neglect their health, making excuses that there isn’t enough time to eat right, exercise, or take breaks. But by not prioritizing your physical health, you perpetuate the problem and continue to lack the energy needed to execute all of your tasks. So, make it a point to get in exercise, whether that is through a structured routine or just through moving more throughout the day. Choose healthy food options by focusing on eating whole, real foods, not processed, convenience foods. And remember to take breaks every hour or so to stretch, adjust your posture, take some deep breaths, or take a short walk.

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