Exceptional Customer Experience = Brand + Culture

Creating an exceptional customer experience is an extremely powerful tool. The experience you create for your guests influences their emotional connection to your brand, the stories they tell their friends, the comments they post online, and ultimately their decision to purchase your product. After all, as Steve Cannon from Mercedes-Benz suggests, “Customer experience is the new marketing.”

So, why do some companies seem to nail it when it comes to creating the right customer experience while others fall flat? Success or failure depends on your ability to successfully implement a two-step process: creating the brand and developing a culture that is equipped and empowered to execute on it.

Brand Is Your Promise to the Customer

It is the heart and foundation of who you are, what you do, and what you want to be known for. It includes things like vision, mission, values, identity, and voice. These central ideas ultimately guide and define your business—the promise that you make to your customer.

Culture Is How You Will Deliver on the Promise

Your culture defines the set of behaviors, service habits, and standards that are expected of all associates. It dictates the way in which associates interact with guests, solve their problems, and respond to their needs. Culture influences the associates you source and select, as well as their introduction to your company. It should permeate your management philosophy and serve as a model for coaching and developing your people.

While we may all agree that providing an exceptional customer experience is key, the reality is that many companies are falling short. According to a survey conducted by Bain & Company, 80% of companies believe they are delivering on their brand promise: however, only 8% of their customers agree with that statement.

Are you interested in knowing how well your brand promise matches up to your ability to deliver on it? The experts in customer experience at SGEi have developed a tool, a Customer Experience Blueprint, to help you understand where you are today and to guide you on where to go tomorrow. For more information on this tool, contact SGEi.

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