CASE STUDY: A Recruiting and Onboarding Partnership


An established hospitality group would be launching a new brand in New York City, one of the most competitive markets in the world. It was crucial to the success of the new concept that every element of the recruitment process effectively represented the brand and core values, selected the right candidates, and thoroughly trained the new staff pre-opening to guarantee a successful launch. Proper planning and across-the-board staff preparation with the right partner was required.


SGEi was selected as the training and recruitment partner of choice. Shane Green, the founder and President of SGEi, was perfectly suited to lead the project. He brought his intersection of expertise as a former Ritz-Carlton executive and decades of experience in organizational development and facilitation to the table. Shane, and the development and operations team at SGEi, partnered closely with the client to construct a branded recruitment and training process that would capture and deliver the talent best suited to represent and further the brand and the values of the client company. A thorough process, deeply integrating the culture and goals of the client, from the first steps of the human resources process to staff training and development, was assembled and enacted. Training occurred across all departments, from front-line staff to executive-level positions. The recruitment process for the front-line staff was built into a preopening plan to allow for immediate operational readiness. SGEi was uniquely qualified to not only build out, but deliver, such a comprehensive in-person training and recruitment process.

Delivered completely onsite through phased implementation, SGEi paired a targeted human resources marketing campaign with a complete recruitment strategy and process. Job descriptions, position advertisements, applicant screening, and interviews were conducted followed by pre-opening training modules consisting of brand orientation, manager orientation, and customer service training modules. SGEi’s profound understanding of the expected core brand values and behaviors were integrated into each module.

The customized approach included three service modules addressing first impression management, problem resolution, and personalization and customization of the guest experience. As part of their learning process, managers were provided with training journals and idea books to facilitate daily mini briefings for their teams that were part of daily training and brand communication. Leaders additionally received a specialized full-day manager orientation. Prior to going operational, SGEi facilitated live simulations to ensure all staff were ready to follow outlined procedures to provide exceptional service upon opening.


This comprehensive and partnered approach delivered a seamless pre-opening experience leading to the instant success of the brand. The company was able to open operations with the right staff, properly trained, and live simulations with actual guests—which provided them with real-world experiences. This ensured that the staff were able to transition into their readiness for opening. Management and front-line staff expressed that the “ground up” selection and training process, paired with live simulations, imbued employees with confidence and the skill sets necessary to start out positive and proactive. As the company moved into regular day-to-day operations, the feedback from executives was excellent. Many of the uncertainties that often accompany a new venture with all fresh staff were eliminated as every aspect of the operation’s fundamental procedures had been analyzed and trained for by staff at all levels. The daily mini briefings, in particular, have created a communication and feedback flow that have benefited all employees and allowed for the near-immediate address of process areas that could continue to be improved as the company gains its operational footing in the new market.

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