CASE STUDY: Developing and Transforming Company Culture


In 2017, United Airlines looked to improve its service culture and passenger experience after a series of unfortunate incidents. This included introducing new service initiatives and overhauling its operating procedures and programming. United was also committed to developing a new culture focused on caring for its customers and empowering its workforce.

SGEi’s Solution

SGEi was engaged to work with the United Airlines executive team on developing a culture strategy and implementation plan. That strategy included a focus on supervisor leadership skills, introducing new service standards, and transforming its culture to enable and empower staff better. SGEi was responsible for the content and facilitation of a new service orientation for almost 80,000 staff worldwide.


SGEi also developed a leadership training and engagement plan for over 5,000 frontline managers and supervisors worldwide. In 2019, SGEi designed and delivered service training for over 35,000 flight attendants. In early 2020, SGEi designed and delivered service training to over 8,000 airport support staff.

“SGEi has consistently done a great job for us, and we’re lucky to have their continued support. Thank you for making a difference and impacting our frontline leaders in such a meaningful way.” —Aaron McMillan, Managing Director – Employee Development.

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