Case Study: Preparing for an Opening

Last year, we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Baha Mar, a one-of-a-kind 3,500-room luxury resort in the Bahamas, as they prepared for the opening of their five resort properties. They were tasked with dramatically growing their employee base with high-quality, talented locals and Bahamian natives. In addition, after creating this large bank of qualified employees, they had to successfully onboard and train the employees in the Baha Mar culture, values, and service expectations.

Our SGEi team was called in to help the Baha Mar corporate team accomplish these tasks and develop a never-before-seen employer brand that would establish Baha Mar as the place to work in the Caribbean. We developed a recruitment campaign, formed employer branding, created an orientation and training program, and even designed the handbook and cultural blueprint for each of the five properties.

Recruitment Campaign

Our team truly pulled out the stops for Baha Mar’s recruitment campaign and employer branding proposition. We created television, radio, and newspaper advertisements highlighting Baha Mar’s culture and the desired employee experience. Our team produced the materials completely in-house and featured Baha Mar’s own employee base in the photos and videos we shared. Check out this article about the recruitment campaign, featuring some of our beautifully designed posters.

Baha Mar Nation Cultural Blueprint

In partnership with the Baha Mar team, our creative services and content departments redesigned and reworked the employee handbook and cultural blueprint of not only Baha Mar’s five luxury resort properties, but their corporate offices as well. We helped to truly bring to life the values and culture of the Bahamas, and to make a connection with the Bahamian people. The Citizens of Baha Mar Nation, as their employee base was called, would be given the beautiful handbooks, highlighting the unique brand, culture, and habits of the organization, as well as this unique employee gift, a yearbook, commemorating the opening of the Baha Mar resort.

Orientation and Service Standards

We also took part in creating the unique service standards of Baha Mar, and provided a comprehensive orientation program to help onboard the new staff. Our VP of Culture and Learning, Thomas Martin, was on the ground with Baha Mar’s leadership team, coaching them through the orientation and training, and reinforcing the importance of the culture and service standards.

As part of the training, we created these detailed, beautifully-designed Facilitator Guides to help the leadership team connect with the staff in a meaningful way during orientation and training sessions. Thomas Martin said of the experience, “It was truly amazing during the Orientation process to see the smiles grow on the faces of the new hires as they were introduced to the Baha Mar culture.  In particular, referring to them as Citizens and working with them on how to tell stories about the resort, made it not just a place to work, but rather a home to be proud of and show off.”

We are honored to have been a part of Baha Mar in 2015, and delighted that they are set to resume construction and plan to open in 2017! Baha Mar is a truly revolutionary project, and we look forward to seeing the successes that the Citizens of Baha Mar Nation find with their new ownership team.

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