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Executive Retreats | Company Culture

We work directly with your executive team to identify, prioritize, and implement critical aspects of the employee experience and company culture. Culture transformation must be led from the top, so we work to align your executive team and coach them on the thinking and leadership habits that will deliver the desired culture and business outcomes. We can offer executive retreats and individual coaching as required.

An executive culture retreat is a two-day offsite meeting for up to 12 executives or senior managers. The retreat agenda is customized to incorporate team-building activities, additional speakers, and company updates. The focus of this retreat is to discuss culture priorities, promote understanding, and develop a cultural strategy. There is also a focus on leadership habits that have proven to improve company culture and the employee experience.

Executive/Manager Leadership Coaching


One-on-one coaching is a ten-session program that helps executives and managers understand the culture, their impact on the culture, and how to adopt cultural and leadership habits that will positively impact the employee and brand experience. The program is scheduled over five-months and includes three sessions on-site at the managers’ office or work area. Part of the coaching program includes SGEi surveying key employees, peers, and managers on the persons leadership strengths and weaknesses. This information is utilized to guide the coaching conversations.

What Sets SGEi Apart?

“If you had told me a year ago that we would be #1 in profit and #1 in Guest Satisfaction I would not have believed you. The effect that SGEi had on our executive team was without doubt the best investment we could ever have made.”

– Kelly Sanders, Area Managing Director, Starwood Hotels & Resorts


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