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Facilitation Services

SGEi develops the best trainers and coaches through their training academy. Thus, SGEi has access to the best training coaches in the world—master trainers who can deliver your content on your behalf.

SGEi’s train-the-trainer program is designed to efficiently teach your trainers how to deliver content in a way that ensures a motivational, effective, and memorable learning experience.

SGEi’s T3 instills in your trainer comfort and confidence in a program. The T3 will teach your trainers how to ensure understanding, create emotional connections, and drive the key messaging of the program. Participants are provided the content in advance of the program and are expected to arrive with a basic familiarity of that program’s content. The SGEi master trainer delivers, debriefs, and then coaches participants to deliver a program correctly.

Our Facilitation Process


Our master trainers can deliver custom content or hand it over via a train-the-trainer program. Whether you choose to use our team or an internal group to implement training programs, we remain a long-term resource. Our familiarity with a brand means that we can quickly step in to deliver training any time.

Outcome: We offer a reliable and effective team of trainers and coaches to deliver memorable, motivating, and effective learning experiences.

What Sets SGEi Apart?

*Within the T3 program, the SGEi master trainer will focus on the program delivery, enabling a presenter to capture an audience’s attention through the use of emotion, discussions, and exercises. Participants will have the opportunity to present content and receive group and individual feedback on their delivery and understanding of the content.


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