Giving Thanks in November

With Thanksgiving in our midst, we are reminded that this is the time of year for giving thanks. There are many important people in our lives we are grateful and thankful for. While the first ones to come to mind are usually our family and friends, as managers and leaders, there is no better time than the holidays to show your gratitude and appreciation for your team and clients as well. Remember – your team are the ones that complete the work, and your clients are the reason you’re in business! Give them the recognition and appreciation they deserve. Here are my best practices for showing gratitude this holiday season.

Happy Work Environment

A happy work environment is a crucial piece of your business that shows how much you appreciate your employees. Think about how much time your employees spend in the office – the place and environment in which they work should be a comfortable one. A great way to show your gratitude for your team this holiday season is to think about any improvements that can be made to that environment! Our Founder & President just wrote an incredible blog describing how to improve the “Place” – take a look at his best practices, and see where you could start today.

Another way to create a happy work environment is to provide your team learning and development opportunities. It helps your teams feel valued and shows them that what they do truly does matter. It is a way of showing you appreciate their knowledge, talents, and strengths. When your team feels valued, there is a sense of pride in their work that shines through in all they do. Your team will also be more open to sharing ideas and want to do better in their roles when they feel that their career development is a priority to their managers and leaders.

Sharing charitable moments with your team is another way to create a happy work environment during the holiday season. And, as a bonus, it also allows your organization the time and opportunity to give back to the community! This just one way to not only give thanks for your own personal needs, but is a great team-building opportunity. Any chance to have moments that work on team-building boosts your team’s morale and fosters a strong culture in the work place.

Team Members

The most important way to show your team that you are grateful for them is to recognize them. Every team deserves to be recognized, even when times are tough. There are many ways to offer recognition to your team and show how much you care. Their time at your company is time away they spend from their family and loved ones. Thank them for the service they provide by coming in on time, bringing their best foot in when they walk in the door, and providing an excellent customer experience every single day.

Something we do here at SGEi to show appreciation for our team is to have an end-of-month luncheon; whether we order in or go out, we include everyone on our team and make it a fun event. We share stories and take the time to get to know each other. Another thing you can do to recognize your team is give small gifts, such as simple hand-written Thank You notes, gift cards to their favorite coffee place, or even silly little items that make them smile. The smallest recognition can go a long way. 


Let’s not forget about those other individuals that are so important to our company – our clients! Remember – it is their choice to work with you; competition is a part of every business. How you provide recognition and thank your clients sets you apart from that competition.

The best way to share this thanks is to get to know the key individuals that you work with. Those are the people that you should send your hand-written Thank You notes, recognize their birthdays and anniversaries, and wish a happy holiday season. With social media being an integral piece of so many people’s everyday life, have someone on your team share your gratitude to your clients on social media, saying ‘thanks for choosing us!’


Finally, at this time of year, it is important to remember those in business that as they grow in their roles, receive less and less recognition – our leaders. This time of year is especially tough for our leadership teams, with budgets being set for the next year, holiday planning for the business, and the end-of-year activities to do with their own families. Our leaders appreciate the when their time is recognized for all they do, from coaching and mentoring, to planning and organizing. So, as employees, owners, or fellow managers, take the time to send those small hand-written notes and give your heartfelt thanks for your leaders’ dedication to you and your business. Your recognition is just as valuable to them as you are!

Let’s face it, the holidays can be hectic. There are moments that make us feel overwhelmed, whether from difficult decision-making, business planning, life expectancies, even shopping – the list could go on. It is always important to be thankful at this time of year not only for all the things we have, but for all of the individuals that impact our lives every day. Everyone with a job has something to be thankful for, and everyone with a team has people to thank for their efforts and support. Marcel Proust wrote, “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Share your thanks with your teams, and on behalf of SGEi, have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones this year!

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