How Supervisors can Effectively Lead Organizations to Success

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.”

Harvey S. Firestone, Businessman

Organizations have several layers of management that implement strategic methods to create effective decisions that work to build their teams and enhances performance. There are unique strategies that several companies use to build their team and train their leaders. However, for leaders to impact their team positively, they must be trained on how to be an effective supervisor. Google, who spent years trying to establish the best method to develop strong managers, determined that attributes such as “consistency, delegation, and basic human decency” are the key ingredients to develop an effective supervisor. Supervisors must be able to visualize the entire operation, strategically plan priorities, delegate tasks, organize different compartments, and coordinate all of the different objectives. Moreover, supervisors need to have outstanding interpersonal skills.

For supervisors to be successful, they need to recognize the value and needs of their employees. When a supervisor has not been efficiently trained, they are unaware of how to treat their employees, set a good example, and do not understand the concepts of the organization to ensure consistency and fairness to their teams. Supervisors are expected to ensure compliance. If mistakes occur, it can cause substantial difficulties for the company.

To prevent mistakes from taking place, supervisors need the proper training on appropriate behavior in the workplace, the policies and regulations of the organization, wages, and labor laws pertaining to their employees. Often, supervisor training is overlooked due to numerous reasons—lack of time, and often because the cost of training is astronomical. Nowadays, working with multiple generations and a variety of groups can be demanding, and the supervisor must be able to stay up-to-date with the new changes, technological advancements, and employee requirements.

If we train our supervisors, our companies will see significant changes. When supervisors are great leaders, it will considerably improve the performance of the company. Effective supervisors will be able to increase employee efficiency and improve performance. The quality of work that is being produced will see dynamic changes with successful supervisors. All organizations have a ripple effect; if supervisors are engaging, it will influence their team’s performance, which will inspire managers, frontline teams, and so on. These changes will make an impact on the company as a whole. It will provide stability and enhance growth for the future. With this being said, how can we make supervisors effective and assist them in leading their organizations successfully?

It is crucial for supervisors to ask for feedback and input in all situations. It is difficult to be friends with everybody, so take every chance you can to ask how to improve your skills. In addition, learn how to adapt to change and manage change. Also, keep in mind that being a supervisor is about developing your team to perform at their best. Attend trainings that will broaden your perspective with new methods of that describe how you can lead your team more effectively. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your direct report if you feel that you need more training. Finally, remember to come to terms with the art of delegation. As a supervisor, you need to have an open-door policy where employees can come to you and feel comfortable discussing if issues have arisen in the workplace. Remember to develop your employees and ensure to keep open lines of communication. Our days are hectic, and sometimes things will be overlooked, but remember, as a leader, you are setting the example for your team. “Leadership is not a position or title; it is an action or example.” –Ancient proverb

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