How to Keep the Momentum of Learning Going with Your Team

As we move through the summer months, it can be challenging to keep your team on track with their learning and development. Between longer day light hours, vacations, and all the fun things summer has to offer, spending time learning is usually not at the top of an employee’s list. Yet, it is important for your team to continue learning and growing so that they can become increasingly efficient and effective in their roles. Here are 3 tips on how to drum up some motivation and keep the momentum of learning going with your team.

1) Make Learning Accessible: To get the best results, learning should be easy and accessible. This refers to both face-to-face learning and e-learning. From a face-to-face perspective, one of the best ways to do so is through coaching. Having feedback sessions with your staff helps them understand what they are doing right and understand the areas where they can improve. Coaching should be done on a regular basis to reinforce the behaviors you want to see. In regards to formal training sessions, consider what days and times work best for your team. Working around their schedules helps alleviate stress, increases attendance, and increases motivation. Last, consider how you can utilize e-learnings for your team. Micro-learnings in particular (i.e., quick 5-10 minute training modules) are a great way to increase learning in a way that is easy, efficient, and effective. These can be deployed via a company’s learning platform and mobile app so employees have easy access to engage in learning at their convenience.

2) Set Goals and Track Progress: At the start of the year, everyone is fired up and ready to achieve their goals, but by this time of year, many have slipped off their track or completely abandoned their goals outright. This is a great time to reconnect to your team’s learning goals. Consider the following questions when setting goals: 1) What do you want your team to accomplish (i.e., improved customer service, increased sales, etc.) and by when? 2) What specific knowledge, skills, and abilities does your team need to have in order to be successful? 3) How can you close the gap between the current level and where you want everyone to be? Remember to include SMART goals–goals that are specific, measureable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. Make a plan and track progress regularly to ensure everyone is on track.

3) Recognize and Reward: Employees appreciate being recognized for their efforts. Recognition drives performance and increases morale. So, recognize employees for their commitment to learning and growing through thanking them for their efforts. This can be through a genuine verbal thank you, through a handwritten thank you card, or through a company’s recognition platform. Recognize your employees as they complete training sessions and as they display the desired behaviors. Consider ways to reward your team for achieving their learning goals (i.e., off-site or in-office lunch, gift card, extra time off, etc.). The key is to acknowledge their commitment to learning and motivate them to continue developing their knowledge and skills.

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