How To Set Up Millennial Managers To Successfully Lead Gen Z Workers

Originally published in Forbes.

There has been much discussion about how to prepare for the influx of Generation Z workers, those born between the late 1990s and 2012, and almost all of it revolves around advice for managers and executives who are either part of Generation X or are baby boomers. (Last year, I shared my own advice on what Boomers need to know about working with Gen Z.)

What I haven’t seen being considered, however, is that as many millennials attain management status at many organizations, they may be the direct supervisors of this emerging workforce. I believe it’s now more important than ever to consider not only what Gen Zers want from their work environment but also how companies can best equip millennial managers to create their desired work culture.

Here are four areas to focus on for millennial manager leadership development and success.

1. Communication

Becoming a manager doesn’t mean you’re suddenly a great communicator. Communication requires understanding — and knowing your audience. When communicating information to Gen Zers, managers may have to send it in the method that these employees are comfortable with. Despite being digital natives, 53% of Gen Zers actually prefer face-to-face communication over digital methods. Since millennials tend to favor emails and text messaging, this resurgence of face-to-face communication may require an adjustment on the part of millennial managers.

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