Corporate Leadership Training Programs & Workshops

The Art of Inspiring Your People to “Want”

Leaders make people want to do what they (the leaders) want them to do. It is a manager’s ability to inspire their people to care and to want to deliver excellence that will ultimately define the quality of a customer’s experience. Leadership goes beyond the day-to-day management responsibilities of staffing and organizing. Great leaders empower and enable staff to create stories worth telling and heartfelt connections that customers will want to revisit.

Corporate & Executive Leadership Training


The leadership series focuses on skills and insights that make middle managers confident in their daily priorities to engage with teams, collaborate with a younger, empowered workforce, and rediscover the significant potential within their people when great leadership is delivered.

SGEi coaches will take managers through a leadership learning experience that will inspire and guide those at varying levels to lead a world-class service organization. SGEi provides frontline, middle-manager, and executive learning experiences.

What Sets SGEi Apart?

SGEi’s leadership training focuses on skills and insights that make frontline and middle managers confident in their daily and weekly priorities to engage their teams, collaborate with a younger, more empowered workforce, and get the most from their people. SGEi provides a series of stimulation materials prior to training to introduce managers to key learning experiences and to reinforce training messages afterward through ongoing communication.

• 2018 Stevie Gold Award for Customer Service Training Team of the Year
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