Lessons in Leadership from the “Big Game” Coaches

Originally published in Medium.

As we close out another exciting year of football, it is a great time to reflect on what we can learn about winning cultures. Regardless if your team won or not this year, both teams displayed a strong work ethic and exceptional performance throughout the season. So, let’s consider what we can learn from these teams and their coaches to enhance our performance and results:

Show That You Care: It has been exciting to watch the two coaches’ leadership unfold throughout the season. Both coaches are exceptional at being true leaders, and the true mark of leadership is inspiring your team to want to perform at their best. Leadership involves showing that you care about your team beyond the game. Both coaches display genuine care and concern for their players and their wellbeing, reminding us that, as leaders, our employees are people first and foremost. Coach McVay is known for his down-to-earth, personal leadership approach, whereas Coach Belichick uses a tougher approach, but still keeps the care and concern of his players front and center. People need to feel appreciated, they need to feel supported, and they need to feel as though you care about them beyond the role they play on your team. Both coaches understand that their players have lives outside of football that affect their motivation and performance. They realize that by supporting their players in managing a work-life balance, it keeps players on the team and motivates them to work hard. So, show you care by truly listening to your team, asking them how they are doing, and supporting them in being their best at work and in their personal lives. When you show genuine interest and care, your employees will respond by being committed to helping achieve the goals you’ve set forth.

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