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SGEi has a number of tools and resources that have been developed from years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies. We have designed a toolbox just for small business owners like you to have the advantage of providing you and your managers with training, guides, and templates to create a desirable employee experience that will attract, retain, and engage top talent.

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Shane Green and his team at SGEi have been servicing organizations for over 25 years, providing training, tools, and leadership development needs. As a small business, we understand small business owners’ challenges with retaining and engaging their best people. Our small business toolbox gives you the advantage that large corporations with a team of HR professionals have all in one. Ready to get started on your journey with an SGEi Small Business Toolbox?

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Our leadership performance program will give your managers insights, information, and ideas on how to elevate their leadership skills and ability to retain your best people.

Small Business Coaching

Work with an SGEi coach to discuss your business, brand, and culture strategy. Develop action plans to achieve your company goals and elevate your company performance.