The Culture Report 2022

The Great Resignation Is Here to Stay

As the Great Resignation continues mid-Q3 of 2022, companies worldwide are looking to determine why their people are leaving and how they can
better retain their workers. While the trend of workers leaving their jobs in droves may have been exasperated by the Covid-19 pandemic, it has continued much longer than most organizations expected. The questions that continue to loom over large and small business owners alike is, ‘who is going to resign and why?’

Shane Green and his team of employee experience experts at SGEi partnered with Stickybeak, survey and research specialists, to collect data from 570 global workers on their behaviors and attitudes about job satisfaction and what they are wanting from their current or future employers. Respondents included four generations, [Baby Boomers (22%), Gen X (20%), Millennials (22%), and Gen Z (36%)] and a good representative sample across genders as well [Male (45%), Female (51%), and Non-binary (4%)].

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