The Culture Report 2023: Las Vegas

The Great Reshuffle Is Still Happening

As we start 2023, many employees are still looking for the best position, role, or company to work for, even though they may be satisfied in their current job. Unless they want to be left struggling to keep their staff around, owners, executives, and managers must understand why their people may leave and what they can do to retain them now.

Shane Green and his team of employee experience experts at SGEi partnered with Stickybeak, survey and research specialists, to collect data from 544 Las Vegas workers across all industries on their behaviors and attitudes toward their job satisfaction and what they want from their current or future employers. Respondents included four generations: baby boomer (66), gen X (176), millennial (182), and gen Z (120), and a good representative sample across genders (male (248) and female (296)).

As a result of this information, companies can start to think about where to invest their time and resources this year to create the type of environment workers in the Las Vegas valley want. As part of this research, SGEi looked at what specific generations of workers, women, and hospitality employees are looking for now.

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