The Office Is The New Community Center: It’s Time To Embrace It

A community center is a public place where people within a neighborhood (or community) can gather for social and group events, education classes, social support, recreational and sporting activities or other purposes. It is a place where people meet to connect and interact for several different reasons at various times of the day or week. Your office needs to be viewed similarly if you want people to come back to the office, and you want to create a distinct advantage for yourself in attracting, engaging and retaining the best talent.

First, I want to make one thing clear: The pandemic has proven that we can work from almost anywhere, so we must refrain from thinking the main purpose of going into the office is just to work. Now, I know for some their situation and setup at home are not conducive to work, so the office provides a sanctuary to get work done, but as people demand more flexibility, and as tools and technology to work from home improve, more people will treat working from home as their new norm.

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Shane Green is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, and President and Founder of SGE International.

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