Three Things I’m Thankful for in Business – By Joseph Gray

November is a month that many like to take time to pause and reflect on what they are thankful for. I have been able to take time and consider what I am grateful for when it comes to business or work. Aside from the initial thought of, Well, it pays me so that I can put food on the table, I have pinpointed three things that I can say I am thankful for about work.

1. Creative Outlet: As a graphic designer, working in a creative field, it is very important for me to express myself creatively. As a new father, it’s harder for me to find time in my personal life to do creative things for myself. But, at work, I am learning to put more of a creative touch on even the most minimal of designs. I am thankful to be in a position where I can be creative at work.

2. Meeting New People: Work is a great place to find new people and build new relationships. I am thankful for the opportunity to meet new people and travel outside of my bubble of friends. Being born and raised in the same city that I currently live in has limited my reach as far as developing relationships with different types of people. But, at work, I am able to meet people from all sorts of different places and walks of life. Meeting all these people has really helped me look inward at myself and try to develop my own character.

3. Personal Development: I am very thankful for the opportunity to meet new people and the opportunity to challenge my beliefs and methods when seeing and hearing from others. I find that I can really learn from my peers—whether it be in my job as a graphic designer, understanding how to work more efficiently, or learning how to take on more creative risks and projects. But also, through the relationships that I build with my peers, I can be more introspective and learn about the different perspectives there are on life. I have only seen this world through my eyes, and it is very interesting for me to hear about the world that other people see.

While I may not wake up eager and ready for a day of work every day, I find that when I take these moments to look back and see just how much I have been able to grow over the years, it helps make it all seem worth it. All the relationships I have made along the way have really helped me develop into who I am today, and that is what I am thankful for.

Thank you to all the business leaders for sharing your valuable lessons and insights!

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