Utilize Consistent Coaching for Enhanced Performance

Originally published in Medium.

Welcome back to the Culture Hacker blog series. Today, I want to talk about coaching, and more specifically, providing feedback. Feedback, by definition, is a process by which information is given to a person about the outcome of an action, process, or activity. Feedback plays a critical role in developing, retaining, and inspiring your employees. Unfortunately, only 21% of employees feel they are managed in a motivating way, and the main reason for this small demographic is because most employees feel that they are not offered useful feedback. For the health of your company culture and your team’s development, you must provide feedback to your staff on a regular basis.

In your organization, there are two types of feedback you should care about, informal and formal. Informal feedback is the everyday casual conversation regarding the work being done. Formal feedback is a more organized and documented communication, most typically seen in annual reviews, recognition programs, or disciplinary processes. It is imperative for managers and organizations to understand that the formal feedback process often lacks credibility and substance, which is a result of a lack of informal feedback.

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