Welcome to the Employee Experience Economy: What it Means for Your Company in 2019

Originally published in Medium.

We are now entering the employee experience economy — a place where workers are significantly impacting a company’s financial bottom line by their willingness and ability to take care of customers, be productive, and stay with their current employer. We are seeing employees take a stand on social issues and expecting company leaders to do the same. 45% of respondents in a recent survey stated that a company’s actions on major societal issues determine their employment decisions. Employees are raising their voices and flexing their muscles to influence a company’s products, whom the company does business with, and how the company operates. So, what does this mean for your company? Here are some crucial considerations for every company in 2019:

1. Selecting the Right People Is Imperative: Not everyone is meant to work at your company. You need to be selective and focus on finding the right cultural fit, which means that the applicant’s attitude, heart, and mind need to be aligned with the company’s values. I find that many managers select employees with their own interests in mind, not the company’s interests. Managers also focus too much on experience and not enough on values when selecting the right candidate for the job. Ensure your values are discussed during the selection process and you have developed activities and questions that provide insight into a candidate’s disposition and character. Values help guide decisions, and whom you bring into the organization is one the most important decisions you will make in 2019.

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